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What You Should Be Doing While Growing Your Natural Hair

Whether you’re a newbie to the natural hair community or a long-time member there are key rules to caring for your natural hair. If you want to retain length, promote growth and maintain the health of your tresses; here's what you should be doing. 1) EAT HEALTHY: I know it sounds so clichè, but you really have to care for your body, which includes your hair, by eating fruits and vegetables in order to give your skin and hair the proper nutrients it needs to flourish. Our hair thrives off of nutrients from fruits and vegetables like avocado, spinach, strawberries, asparagus, beets and leafy greens. Eating healthy allows the scalp to produce sebum to condition the hair which increases hair...

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How to Maintain Medium Length Natural Hair

So, you've reached neck or shoulder length natural hair... you will start to realize, if you haven't already, that this can be a very daunting stage because it looks like your hair is stuck at this stage and won’t grow any further or maybe you feel there’s just too much hair to work with. Yes, having so much hair can be stressful and there my be days when you just want to cut it all off, but here are three tips on how to care for medium length natural hair and make it easier to maintain. 1. MOISTURIZE - Now that your hair is longer you’re going to have to add moisture more often than before. The ends of your hair may tend to get...

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