• How to grow your natural hair fast

    If you've wondered how I've grown my natural hair back so fast, I've found the secret to amazing, fast growing hair! This is a best kept secret th...
  • 5 Winter Hair Care Tips to Prevent Breakage


    Winter is here, which means you get to snuggle up in bed, watch Christmas movies, drink hot beverages, and it also means, cold weather. The weather is cold and dry, and unfortunately your hair can suffer because of this.  Black hair is prone to dryness so you need as much moisture as possible in it to keep hydrated, especially on the ends. Once it is hydrated, there's less breakage, split ends and even single strand knots; allowing you to keep those strands healthy and retain your length. If you are looking for ways to keep your looking amazing, here are 5 ways to care for your hair during the winter:

  • 4 Things to add to your natural hair + self care goals for the new year

    Time to ring in the new year with new self care goals. So, ditch your old ways from your regimen and unnecessary products from your stash, let's start  the new year afresh.