5 Winter Hair Care Tips to Prevent Breakage

Winter is here, which means you get to snuggle up in bed, watch Christmas movies, and drink hot beverages, and it also means cold weather. The weather is cold and dry, and unfortunately, your hair can suffer because of this.  Black hair is prone to dryness so you need as much moisture as possible in it to keep hydrated, especially on the ends. Your hair may seem tough but it is really delicate and needs a tremendous amount of care for moisture retention. Remember moisture is key to obtaining healthy hair. Once it is hydrated, there's less breakage, split ends, and even single-strand knots; allowing you to keep those strands healthy and retain your length. If you are looking for ways to keep your hair looking amazing, here are 5 ways to care for your hair during the winter:

Deep Conditioning

If you have been skipping out on your weekly deep conditioning, during the winter, you shouldn’t be. Deep conditioning, especially with the heat, allows the moisture from the product to penetrate your hair strands. It strengthens your stands and gives them a nice sheen. You will need to constantly replenish your hair with the moisture lost throughout the prior week due to manipulation, your clothing, and the environment, that is why deep conditioning is a must.

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You may be skeptical about this; however, it works. When your hair is being steamed the heat will open the cuticles along your hair shaft. Then, the water particles will penetrate the hair shaft with moisture. You can either purchase a steaming tool or you could simply cover your head with a shower cap and use the steam in your shower. You can steam your hair weekly, biweekly, or even monthly depending on your hair’s needs. This is a great step to add during the winter months or during your regular hair regimen.


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LOC or LCO method

 Liquid. Oil. Cream.  In order to prevent moisture from leaving your strands during the winter you need to seal in the moisture. There are two ways you can seal in moisture; the LOC or LCO method. Both methods indicate to you how to layer products unto your hair; Liquid- Oil- Cream or Liquid- Cream- Oil. Applying liquid means applying moisture, then you would seal in the moisture with an oil or cream of your choice. Depending on your hair texture and porosity you may do the LOC, LCO, or LOCO method. You can play around with the sequence but the key is to 1. add moisture and 2. seal in the moisture. 

Sleep with Satin

Some nights we may skip out on sleeping without our satin caps, but not this time. You have to ensure to sleep with protective headwear such as a cap, scarf, or turban. 

Protective styling

Protective styling is important during the season because your hair will be protected from cold weather. Your natural hair will be done in various styles such as twists or braids. The hair is tucked away protecting the hair from dry weather. You can also cover your hair with hats with a satin lining and scarves to protect it. One thing you don't want to forget is moisture, so be sure to add liquid, oil, and cream or regular steam while styling to retain the moisture.

Don't let the cold weather stop you from achieving amazing hair, incorporate these steps into your routine, if you haven't already, and if you are in need of some moisture aids check out our Natural Hair Collection. Happy winter!

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