How to Stay on A Budget in The Natural Hair Care World

A lot of naturals say that being natural is expensive. Do you believe so? It truly isn’t. However, it will cost you a pretty penny if you aren’t mindful in what you are spending. Does your hair need it, or do you want it? I’m not saying to be cheap when it comes to your hair care. Just to make smart choices. These choices will aid in you spending less but not compromising quality when it comes to the health of your air.

Here a few tips to stay within the budget:

1 -  Buy in BULK – Have you ever realised that your shampoo is finishing right when you’re about to shampoo? Or, you’ve run out of conditioner way too often. It’s the worst. Buying in bulk alleviates the aforementioned problem. Also, it is more affordable than buying individual or smaller products many times. And, the product would last you a long time until you decide to stock up again for future use.

2- Use items in your kitchen – Items laying around in your kitchen or fridge may save a wash day. You can use the items you already have to whip a concoction to benefit your hair. You can use avocadoes, bananas, mangoes, coconut oil, and even eggs! These items can be used for moisture, sheen, sealing as well as protein. Also, they are natural ingredients that will definitely improve the health, sheen and growth of your hair. Lastly, it is cheaper to use the natural items rather than going to buy another product.

3 – Make DIY products – If you are a creative or love doing DIY items or are willing to save money then try this! Do-It Yourself projects can be done using items in your home, house, or store items. You have full control over what goes into your hair in terms of chemicals while doing DIYS as opposed to buying store products. There are millions of homemade products on youtube that you can watch and attempt for yourself. Also, you can create products with your family members for a great bonding exercise. And, who knows you may even start selling it for your side hustle.

4 – Stop overbuying – Yes, I said it. Why do you need 3 conditioners that do the same thing which is provide moisture and aid in detangling. No one says that you can’t decide to buy an extra product but one day. However, it is not recommended to buy it, if it goes out of the budget. These random trips to the beauty supply store or random purchases will reduce your budget significantly, especially if you are a product junkie. Simplify your routine with one of each item for 1 shampoo, 1 conditioner, 1 leave in conditioner and 1 deep conditioner. Less is definitely more.

In this day and age, we’re all trying to save a few pennies here and there. So why not employ these strategies to stay within the budget. What techniques do you use that we haven’t shared to stay in budget?

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