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5 reasons why you should be using natural shampoo bars

Natural shampoo bars have been replacing store bought and/or factory manufactured shampoos. They are the recent trend in cleansers because of the benefits surrounding them. Most shampoo contain sulfates which is an abrassive sudzing agent often used in laundry detergents. Sulfates are deep cleansers so they are great for removing oil, dirt, and debri, however, they can be good for cleansing but bad for your health. Sulfates can remove the natural oils from your scalp, also called sebum, which is needed to nourish your hair growth. They also dry out your skin, leaving you with cracked, itchy skin, this is why natural soap and shampoo bars are the way to go. 

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JOSHICA BEAUTY Featured in The Etsy Journal!

It's always great to be featured on someone's blog but it's extra special when you're featured on The Etsy Blog! Have you heard of Etsy? They offer tons of beautifully handmade goods and unique creative pieces from artisans and crafters all over the world.  I've been selling on Etsy for two years and, with over 1 million shops listed on, they chose my shop, JOSHICA BEAUTY, to be featured in the Etsy Journal allowing me to share my story with millions of their followers. Click to view the Etsy Journal and read the full interview Featured Shop: Joshica Beauty 

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