How To Revive Your Curls- Natural Hair Care Tips


Throughout the year, your curls may become dry and limp; this could be caused by heat damage, product build-up or even the environment. You can usually tell the condition of your hair by the way your curls lay in a wash and go, twist out or even braid out. Your curls may not be poppin', defined or even shiny as usual, however, there are ways to revive them without cutting your beautiful mane.

Moisturising Deep Conditioning Treatment: Everyone knows that deep conditioning your curls is great for your hair. Black hair is naturally dry because the sebum isn’t able to travel down our curls to nourish our ends. Hence, we need to apply moisture to it. Deep conditioning our hair on a weekly basis for 15 – 60 minutes aids in moisturising our hair. Once our hair is moisturised it aids in not only a healthy scalp, but length retention. Thus, preventing breakage, single strand knots, and split ends. Once our hair is moisturised, our curls will be in tip top form.

Protein Treatment: As much as our hair needs moisture, it needs protein as well. Our hair is made up of 90% protein. Hence, it needs protein treatments. It is recommended to do these treatments once per month. This prevents your hair from being overtreated with protein which can cause stiffness. Apply a protein treatment once a month allows amino acids to be deposited into the broken strands which aids in repairing it. Hence, allowing your curls to be the way they were before. Once your hair is strengthened, your mane will be able to retain more of its length.

Bentonite Clay Treatment: Your curls could be limp because of product build up. Our hair strands are covered with products all the time during our hair routine. However, cleansing with a regular shampoo may not get all the product off. Thus, allowing your hair to not be able to look the same because product from the last week is still on. Doing a clay treatment, for example with bentonite, aids in removing all of the product build up. Clays are great cleansers for your hair. They not only remove products but dirt, debris, and any junk that is sitting on your hair. Therefore, your hair will be free and able to take your products better. And, allowing your curls to be flourishing.

Scrunch or Finger Coiling: Last but not least, is to scrunch or finger coiling. Scrunching your hair helps to enhance the shape of your curls. You would cup your hair in your hands and then pull it upward towards your root. Finger coiling entails using your fingers to curl your hair. You would curl your hair in the direction that it usually curls. Ensure to do this when your hair is wet/damp with curl enhancing products. This aids in reviving your curls because you’re pulling curls upward. 

These ways aren’t the only ways to revive your curls, but they are the best way. What ways do you revive your curls when they are feeling limp? And, have any of the ways stated above worked for you?

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