How to be an effective "lazy" natural: tips and tricks to save you time

Ways to maintain you natural hair when you don't have the time or you just don't feel like spending hours on your hair.

We're well into the new year and some naturals have already given up on there natural hair goals. I understand not every natural hair gal is 100% on point on their regimen, you have one's who are extremely busy and you have the lazy ones who do little to nothing but still achieve great results. Now, I'm not saying you should skip deep conditioning, massaging or cleansing your scalp. Here's some tips on how to complete your hair regimen in less time, especially, if you’re lazy, but being lazy is not always bad, even some of the lazy naturals we subscribe to on Youtube.


So who is a l a z y natural? A lazy natural is someone who does the simplest styles and routines while achieving moisture and length retention. With these few steps I’ll show you how to be an effective “L A Z Y” Natural:

Pre-poo the night before wash day

If it’s a Friday night and you have no plans rub some oil on your scalp and hair shaft while you Netflix and Chill or watch some hair videos on Youtube. Pre-pooing reduces the moisture that some shampoos strip from your hair, hence it’s beneficial. This is also a great time to massage your scalp to help stimulate blood flow and promote faster hair growth. You can achieve this all while catching up on your latest shows. 

Use items from the fridge in your hair care regimen

The items in your fridge can be great products for your hair. For example, eggs make for a great protein treatment, mayonnaise, avocado, and banana for a deep conditioner. Olive oil and water is great for some hydration, honey for shine, flaxseeds for gel and so much more. So, instead of buying product just take out something out of the fridge to make a great gel or deep conditioner for your scalp and hair. 

Shampoo & condition in the shower

If you’re not doing this step then what are you waiting on. Shampooing and conditioning your hair in the shower saves you time and water. You can kill three birds with one stone – you shower, cleanse & condition your hair and save on water. 
Wash in sections

In order to keep your tresses, tangle free you need to wash them in sections. This makes it easier for you to manage your hair. You would be able to reach every strand from your scalp and the product will be evenly distributed. Also, you use less product because you’re only giving each section what it needs Finally, say goodbye to a lot of single strand knots and breakage.  

Deep condition while doing something 

Now everyone knows that deep conditioning takes 30 minutes to an hour so why not do something to occupy the time such as reading, exercising or cleaning your house. This allows you to deep condition effectively while catching up on that blog post you've been meaning to read or maintaining a clean environment.

Use multi-purpose products 

Some lazy naturals swear by the use of multipurpose products. This mostly stays in the range of conditioners. Some conditioners have dual purposes and serve as a conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioner, who wouldn't love it. Having one product that does everything will prevent you from taking many products to the bathroom just to wash your hair and spending a lot of money on products.

Quality hair tools

Lazy naturals invest in quality tools that maintain the health and length of their hair. Buy quality satin caps that won’t come off your head at night, or soft bristle brushes that preserve your laid edges, hair ties that don’t brake easily, and bobby pins that won’t lose the bulb at the top. Invest in a quality hair wrap for those days when you just don't feel like styling your hair, as well as products that keep your hair moisturized and allows your style to last for days without retouching.

Find your signature style

Finding a signature style that is easy to do on wash days completes your lazy day natural hair regimen. After deep conditioning, shampooing and conditioning in the shower, washing in sections, using your quality tools with your dual-purpose products, etc. find the quick and easy style that works for you. No one really wants to spend another 30 minutes – 1 hour braiding or twisting their hair for that popping twist out on Monday morning, so just do a low bun, crown braid or chunky flat twist out and call it a day. Once the style is functional and your tresses stay hydrated – no need for complaints. 

Who knows doing the least amount of steps in your regimen will probably bring greater results, it's just like the saying goes; less is more.  

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