Lemons into lemonade: 7 benefits of lemon oil

Beyonce may prefer to make lemonade with her lemons but there's also lemon essential oil. Lemon oil is extracted from the lemon peel and is rich in Vitamin C and A. It has uplifting aromatherapy benefits and is wonderful for skin and hair.  Lemon oil is light and refreshing and is a great natural blemish remover which is why I chose to create and entire collection around it; The Citron Body Collection.  

Many people aren't familiar with the wonderful qualities of lemon oil and all it's uses which is why I chose to share 7 benefits of lemon essential oil; The Secrets of Lemon Oil 

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Fresh and fragrant lemongrass and lemon essential oils with earthy cedarwood and tea-tree oils. This silky citrus blend has a refreshing scent that will not only uplift but will sooth and repair skin. This satin-like oil conditions the skin while firming it, leaving your skin soft and silky-smooth. 

beyonce lemonade

Delight yourself in the sweet lemony fragrance of our decadently thick and luxurious body butters or indulge in the uplifting and silky soft lemon balm body oil and coconut lemongrass natural bar soap in The Citron Body Collection.

Energize your senses with the perfect blend of earthy sage and lemony-lime essential oils.  This smooth and creamy citrus body butter will nourish skin giving it a silky soft glow.

Treat yourself to the sweet, lemony, and somewhat earthy, lemongrass blended with a subtle coconut nuance. This delightful fragrant soap is favored by many. It smells like a tropical journey and will make your skin feel amazing.


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  • I’m so LOVING the Shea butter and soaps smells and feels SENSATIONAL! You’ve got something great on your hands! I’m in love and likely an addict. THANK YOU!!


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