Short Natural Hair: Why the TWA is the best stage of the natural hair journey

twa short natural hair

The T.W.A. -The Teenie Weenie Afro

The stage that everyone HATES because they keep dreaming of long tailbone hair that sways in the wind, but, ladies this is the BEST time of your journey. You’ll never find another stage like this where there’s an ease to washing and styling your hair and you still look fabulous.

Here are the reasons why this is the BEST STAGE:

  1. Less time spent on wash days – You cleanse, condition and style your hair into a wash-n-go and it will dry by the time you’re ready to leave. You don't have to separate you hair into sections to prevent tangles and you don't have to walk around with soaking wet and damp hair waiting for your styles to dry.
  2. Less time detangling- Detangling is a breeze simply because it’s non-existent with short natural hair. You don't even understand the concept of detangling  with short natural hair and products like my curl softening cream you can comb through using a fine tooth comb with ease.
  3. Less money spent on products - less hair equals less products used. With short natural hair you don’t have to buy a lot of products and if you do want to try new natural hair products you can get away with using sample packs instead of purchase a full size product and becoming a potential product junkie. 
  4. Less breakage – You experience less shedding, single strand knots and breakage overall with short natural hair.  Your hair doesn't get caught in your clothing or jewelry, it's easier to moisturize and there's less manipulation and stress on your hair strands.
  5. Experience different cuts, colours and styles – You can dye your hair red, blond or even purple with less long-term risks involved of damaging your hair because you can simply cut if off and start over or let it grow out. You can try different cuts such as a upper cut with a line, a mohawk or a fade. Also, you can do different styles such as finger coiling, afros, frohawks or wear a headband and head wraps.
  6. LOVE YOURSELF – In this stage you truly learn to love yourself for who you are without the weaves, wigs or relaxed hair. Many women want to avoid this stage and try to transition into a longer lengths because they are not comfortable with how they look, but, I say find a style that looks good on you and start loving yourself. When you start to rock your TWA you really to find confidence that wasn't there before because you are showing the real you and you are showing that the real you is beautiful too.

What do you like best about your short natural hair? Let's chat! If you are looking for some short natural hair style inspiration click here.  

Enjoy your TWA!

 tea short natural hair

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