Our Story


In 2015, Joshica Beauty, the natural hair and skincare brand that celebrates black natural hair and self-care, got it's start in Los Angeles California when military veteran Joshica Kiah Craig decided to wear her natural hair

After having a long debate about wearing her natural hair with her husband in their Los Angeles apartment she decided to stop believing the negative stereotypes about her hair and gained the confidence to wear her kinky curly hair texture.

Not long after that, she was expecting a child and discovered the toxic ingredients that were in the hair and skin care made for babies and adults. That was when she decided to research natural and organic ingredients and even rediscovered a family history of soap-making after learning how to make cold-pressed soap.  With the effort to empower and encourage other black women to love who they are and to own their natural hair she formulated The Natural Hair Collection designed specifically for Type 4, kinky curly natural hair textures and a collection of skincare for clean beauty lovers. 

You can find Joshica sharing more of her story and her natural hair journey on social media at YouTube @joshicabeauty, Facebook and Instagram @joshicabeauty and Twitter @1joshicabeauty.

For interview requests or to discuss ways we can work together please email media@joshicabeauty.com