Are your products really "Natural" and "Organic"?

Labels on cosmetics and body care merchandise measure a troublesome code to crack. The trade is shockingly unregulated that it’s typically not possible to trust the claims that makers place on their merchandise. A word similar to “natural” will be utilized by anyone for the love or money. Even “organic” is dishonorable. Firms use AN organic label as long as all ingredients are certified-organic, however, they will conjointly say it’s “cooked with organic” if it contains a minimum of

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70% certified-organic ingredients. Regardless, 30% still leaves a great deal of space for toxins. The whole trade incorporates an “innocent-till-proven-guilty” approach to ingredients. Unless a chemical employed in beauty merchandise is established to cause damage to human health, it's classified as GRAS, or “generally recognized as safe.” These classifications are upheld by the U.S. Bureau and hardly have the simple’s interests of customers in mind. The best conclusion as consumers would be to browse ingredient lists rigorously as to avoid chemicals that are renowned to be harmful, supposing that they are truthful and honest. 

-Stay Healthy and Shop Smart.


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