Black Woman Owned: How black women business owners are making history


Seeing that I'm a business women I like to stay current on market trends and business news. I've recently discovered and have seen and increase in black women owned business everywhere in tech, retail and especially health and beauty. One of the reasons I decided to start my business is because I went natural and wanted to provide natural hair products for natural hair women like myself and I can't help notice that there are a lot of newly launched businesses that are centered around natural hair care. It's amazing to see how going natural and being yourself can not only build black women's self esteem but build wealth in the black community as well. 

According to the US Census Bureau, black female-owned businesses are the fastest growing economic force in the U.S. The number of black women-owned businesses grew 67 percent between 2007 and 2012, outpacing the 27 percent growth rate for female-owned businesses. We are making history and we are doing it well. Black women business are on the rise and we are being notice all around the world and I'm so proud to be apart of it. 

JOSHICA BEAUTY is a black woman owned business that supports the growth and development of black women. One of the things that we focus on is building the confidence of women in order for them to realize their self worth and reach their full potential.  We believe that JOSHICA BEAUTY is not a just a brand it's a movement toward self love and self development. Be apart of the movement of the growth of black woman and the growth of black women owned business by making a contribution to JOSHICA BEAUTY today.


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