The Secret to Maintaining Moisture for Type 4 Hair

Now everyone's familiar with the LOC Method or most people are familiar with that anyway, but if your not the LOC method is an acronym for liquid oil and cream. Liquid can be any water based leave-in or simply a spray bottle filled with water and you can add anything to it like an essential oil or aloe vera and what I like to use is water with avocado seed in it, Fancy, The O stands for oil or an oil blend. I have a Shea Hair Butter that I like to use to help seal in the moisture from the liquid. Last is the cream and I have a Rosemary Grapefruit Lime curl softening cream that is so hydrating that you can just use that by itself. The thing about the O and the C is because most creams are moisturizing and hydrating you can interchange the O and the C or the oil and the cream. So, you can add the liquid the cream the moisture from the cream and then seal all that moisture in with the oil. That's the LOC method. Now, lately the method that I've been using to get my curls popping is the L O G method. And that's basically the liquid and oil and a gel. What I like to do is I wash and condition my hair and then in the shower, apply the oil and then apply the gel on top of that and "Bam" curls are popping'. Okay. The thing about the gel is it really helps to define the curls and give your hair the definition that you're looking for and also helps to seal in all the moisture from the water and the oil. That's it, that's the secret to maintaining moisture for your type 4 natural hair.  If you get a chance to try it make sure you hit me up in the comment box below let me know how it goes.

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