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joshica beauty natural hair empowerment meet up
I've been hearing about a number of black natural hair women return to wearing wigs, weaves and even going back to using chemical relaxers. They have given up on their natural hair journey and have returned to what they have been accustom to. It's really disheartening to see because I feel that women are starting to give up on themselves and the next generation of black girls will not see positive images of confident black women who love and care for their hair and are comfortable with their self-image.
One of the reasons I started making natural hair care products was to offer products that help black women care for their thick, afro hair texture, with the message to encourage them to love their natural hair and love themselves;  I don't want that message to get lost. Also, being a Washington DC native, living in Los Angeles, the weave capital of the world, I began to wonder if there are any black women who embrace their natural hair living in LA, and if so we need to connect. In a world filled with wigs and weaves and straight hair, we need to stick together and support each other to continue to love who we are.  
I started the LA Natural Hair Empowerment Meet-up group to meet local curl-friends, a monthly meet-up group based in Los Angeles that bring black natural women together to build a community beyond hairRediscovering black beauty and the beauty of afro hair eliminates self hate, insecurities and negative stigmas about our hair, that is why this group it not only about caring for natural hair but empowering black women to be confident with who we are and having a positive relationship with our self image. The Natural Hair meet up, is organized by me, Joshica. We will host focus groups, photo sessions, art, music, self-care events, pop- up shops all centered around celebrating black natural beauty and natural hair. If you are in the Los Angeles area, Let's meet up and connect with fellow curlfriends in the LA area.


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