Get into it! Carrot Seed Oil Benefits for Hair

Another amazing oil that you can use in caring for your natural hair is CARROT SEED Oil. The oil is derived from the seeds of carrot plants. It is said to be really beneficial to our hair making it softer, promoting hair growth, preventing damage and much more. It contains high levels of vitamin A and E, as well as beta carotene which aids in improving the overall health of your tresses.

What are the benefits?

Promotes Hair Growth  - Carrot seed oil promotes hair growth and thickness. If you want longer and thicker hair without having to use castor oil which can be really thick with an earth smell, this is another option. We’re not bashing the greatness of castor oil, but giving you options to choose from. So if you think you’ve hit a plateau in your hair growth journey, there just may be hope. You can massage the oil only into your scalp at night or on wash days. Also, you can choose to mix the oil with other oils for a more powerful effect.

Conditions the hair – Due to the coily nature of our strand the sebum from our scalp is not able to travel down our hair shaft to provide it with the nourishment it needs. Therefore, we have to add through products. Applying Carrot seed oil to your tresses will aid in the conditioning. Hence, more moisture will be added to our thirsty strands. Thus, causing less frizz, straggly ends, as well as breakage.

Provides UV protection – The vitamins contained in the oil can create a protective layer around your shaft. This will block out harsh UV rays from the sun. In addition, it will protect your hair from the environmental pollution from products, manufacturing, fumes, and so much more.

Softens the hair – Incorporating the oil throughout your natural hair regimen will aid in softening it. Once the hair is softened, it’s easier to manage. Therefore, allowing wash day + styling time to be a breeze. However, if your hair is softened too much it makes it more susceptible to breakage from heat, the weather, clothes and excessive manipulation.

Fights Scalp Issues -  We all know how important a healthy scalp is important to the overall health of our natural hair. From our scalp healthy hair grows. Once there is some imbalance within the scalp certain issues will start to appear. Example s of these include dry scalp, dandruff, psoriasis and so much. The solution to the issues is carrot seed oil. Just like most essential oils, it carrier the same antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. It prevents the fight against bacteria and fungus. This oil will help to stimulate product of health sebum which will coat, soften.

If you’re looking for another oil to add to your natural hair, this may just be the one. You can take the pills or consume liquid store. Visit your nearest beauty supply stores today! Have you used carrot seed oil in your hair?


























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