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Maryland CEO and author, Joshica Kiah Craig’s new book, The Strength of Your Strands, The Journey to Loving Your Natural Hair, is now featured on Amazon’s Hot New Releases list. 


Craig, the founder and CEO of Joshica Beauty, shares her story about how she started her "natural hair journey”. She exposes the hair care industry and, most importantly, empowers black women to embrace their natural hair and learn to accept themselves the way they are. Hair can be a really touchy subject when it comes to black women and because of the desire to assimilate into a white society post slavery there will always be controversy over why people chose straight hair styles over their natural textured hair. In her book Craig exposes the self-hate that has been perpetuated throughout the black community.



Throughout her life, Joshica Kiah Craig has dealt with assimilating into white America, battling with her self-esteem.  Now the CEO of Joshica Beauty unpacks the lessons on the hair care industry, what it means to be black and learning to love her natural hair. From growing up being called nappy to doing “the big chop" she shares the highs and lows of her natural hair journey and why she chooses to be unapologetically black. Brimming with venerability and the uncensored truth she takes you along her journey of self-discovery. The Strength of Your Strands is not your average guide to natural hair, it's for every woman who is struggling to start her natural hair journey and for every woman who is ready to live out her life as her best self. 



Joshica Kiah Craig is a wife, mother, military veteran, CEO, author of The Strength of Your Strands, and natural hair expert. Based in Los Angeles, California, Craig began Joshica Beauty with a purpose-driven mission: to empower black women everywhere to not only embrace their natural hair but love their natural hair and begin living unapologetically black. Featuring a luxurious line of 100% natural hair care, soaps, body oils, and lip products; the Joshica Beauty line is designed to enrich and nourish natural hair, moisturize the body, and empower the mind.  She studied Material Management, Hospitality, Acting and Small Business Entrepreneurship.  Craig resides in Maryland with her loving husband and their two beautiful children.



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