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 Every women loves getting roses for a special occasion and every man knows that roses are a sign of love and romance. The rose is the most popular flower in the world and they come in many different species and beautiful colors. We love and admire roses for their beauty and fragrance but not only do roses look and smell lovely they have great properties to help enhance our natural beauty. One of the products of roses is rosewater, and rosewater offers a number of benefits that can be used in a number of ways, here are 7 uses for rosewater that you can add to your daily beauty routine>>> See more

1. Setting Make-up: Spritzing rosewater on bare skin has it's benefits but it can also be sprayed over makeup to work as a makeup setting spray. You can add rosewater to your morning beauty routine to keep your face radiant and fresh throughout the day.

2. Natural Hair Perfume: Simply spritz rosewater into dry or freshly washed hair to give it the sweet soft smell of roses. 

3. Hair Moisturizer:  If you have dry frizzy hair you can spritz into hair for added moisture. 

4. Reduce tired Eyes: Spray rosewater onto a cotton pad and apply underneath tired puffy eyes to reduce redness and inflammation. 

5. Hair Rinse: After you've gently cleansed or conditioned your hair, add rose water to your final rinse. You can also simply added it to an apple cider vinegar rinse to clarify, give the hair shine and a soft rose fragrance. 

6. Facial Toner: Spritz rosewater onto clean skin to gently tone and balance. Rose water is a great pH balancer for skin and a mild astringent which helps tighten pores and prevent acne.

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7. Stress Reliever: Rose water's floral fragrance has the therapeutic power to uplift and balance your emotions. Ever wonder where the expression "wake up and smell the roses" came from? Well, it may be a romantic expression but the aromatherapy properties of roses can actually make you feel good about yourself.  You can spray rosewater on your pillow at night to help you get a better sleep and wake up refreshed. 

Treat yourself today and enjoy the wonderful benefits of rosewater! 

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