7 Ways to Reduce Stress during the holidays


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We all react to stress - sometimes with physical symptoms such as headaches and stomach aches or irritability, depression or overeating, withdrawal from activities, over activity or crankiness. With everything that is going on in The United States and the holiday festivities, here are some ways to reduce and manage stress to help you get more joy from the holiday season.


Perhaps one of the best ways of dealing with stress during the holidays or at any other time in your life is to exercise regularly. Studies have shown that physical activity not only increases your level of fitness and energy, but also can lift your mood. In addition, exercise has been shown to reduce anger, stress, fatigue and confusion. Despite the many demands on your time, it's not a time to stop exercising. In fact, when you don't exercise regularly and are inactive, you begin to feel depressed and tired after only a week, according to a study by researchers at the University of Science uniformed health care providers in Bethesda, Maryland. Exercise can also give you the much-vaunted "Runner's high". In fact, studies show that rigorous physical activity of any kind increases the production of endorphins in your body and the flow of neurotransmitters to your brain.

Simplify celebration

Holiday traditions are wonderful and help create lasting family memories, but there is no reason why you can choose to create a new tradition that best suits your current lifestyle. Do you really need to cook a meal for the whole family? Instead, you can make a turkey or other main course and ask everyone to bring a dish or dessert? Do you really need to buy many gifts for all? Instead, you could draw family names to create a holiday gift exchange of small gifts and save for the gifts for children? 

Opting for the right foods 

It is inevitable, at this time of year, that you will be tempted by sugary "snacks" and large feasts, wherever you go.  It is best to eat foods that grow on trees or soil vegetables and fruits and choose healthy fats, lean protein, legumes, nuts, and seeds, but if all else fails just eat small portions.

Take time for yourself: Breathe

Make time for yourself is another way to deal with stress during the holiday season.  It is important to take time for yourself, so you can take a break and clear your mind. Even to spend as little as 15 minutes alone can make a world of difference. You can do something you love or you can try going for a walk, listening to soothing music, take a nice warm bath or simply taking time to focus on your breathing.  Another way to take your mind off your list of things to do to pour a little Rosewater in a nice warm bath and massage Rose Glow Body Oil for a soothing at home spa experience. 

Leave the city

Instead of buying only gifts, book a cheap flight and take a friend on significant other on vacation. Instead of buying gifts. take the family on a vacation; who knows maybe you can start a new holiday tradition and create new experiences. 

Include children

The holidays are really all about the children and just seeing them light up with joy make everything worth while, it helps to improve your mood and helps create a peaceful home. Of course, your schedule might be really busy during the holiday season but you can compensate for all the chaos by involving children with the planning, cooking, shopping and decorating.

Go Tech-Free

I know you probably feel naked without your cellphone need to know what's current on Facebook and Instagram but once the phone and email is ON there will be lots of calls, message and news feeds that can disturb the holiday spirit and contribute to mounting stress levels. What better time to turn off your appliances during shopping, family visits and holiday events? Enjoy spending time with family and friends without having to worry about the rest of the world. 

Take time to relax, take care yourself and have a wonderful holiday season.