7 benefits of lemon oil

lemon oil lemonade beyonce lemonade


When the world gives you lemons, sure you can make lemonade, but lemons have so much to offer that when the next time you get lemons you will be thanking the world.  Lemons are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the world are a good source of vitamins. Many people use lemons to add flavor to a nice dish or, like Beyonce, to make a tall, cold glass of lemonade but the light and refreshing aroma of lemons can be used in a number of way and have wonderful benefits for the mind and body.

1. Stress Relief

Lemon oil has the ability to refresh the mind and create a positive mindset and removing negative emotions. It helps you become more focuses and alert. Lemon oil is also calming which help you get a good sleep, it reduces nervous tension, mental fatigue, and anxiety. It blends well with lavender and tea-tree  making it great for aromatherapy. 

2. Immune system

Lemon oil stimulates white blood cells and improves circulation throughout the body and has high levels of vitamins, which boosts the immune system and increases your ability to fight off diseases. 

3. Weight loss

Lemon oil reduces weight by satisfying your appetite.  It can be added to water or your favorite drink to reduce overeating.

4. Breathe

Lemons promote good air flow and steady breathing by clearing the nasal passages and sinuses.

5. Hair care

Lemon oil can be used as hair tonic for shiny, healthy hair. It is used to eliminate dandruff and to strengthen hair.

6. Skin Brightening

Lemon juice and lemon oil are both have antiseptic and detoxifying qualities which makes it great for skincare. Lemon oil rejuvenates tired, sagging skin and increases the luster of dull looking skin. It reduces the amount of oil on the skin and reduces acne and blemishes. 

7. Room Freshener

The distinctly light and refreshing aroma of lemon oil can be used as a room freshener to give your home a clean and fresh feel while eliminating negative emotions, increasing your concentration and efficiency of the day.

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