Start Your Journey!

Black women everywhere are learning to cherish their hair and are gaining the confidence to wear their hair proudly due to the change which has started a new natural hair movement. 

There are still women, however, who struggle with embracing what they were born with and appreciating their hair texture.  Learning to style the hair is half the battle, but learning to be confident with wearing your crown, or your natural hair is the real challenge. 

There are several reasons why black women should consider wearing their natural hair. Firstly, embracing natural hair can promote self-love and acceptance. Many black women have been conditioned to believe that their natural hair is not beautiful or acceptable, which can lead to low self-esteem and even self-hatred. By embracing and wearing their natural hair, black women can challenge these harmful beliefs and learn to love themselves just as they are.


Secondly, wearing natural hair can be healthier for the hair and scalp. Many hair straightening and relaxing products contain harsh chemicals that can damage or even burn the hair and scalp. Wearing natural hair can reduce the risk of chemical damage and promote healthy hair growth.


Lastly, wearing natural hair can be a political statement. For centuries, black women have been told that their natural hair is unprofessional, unkempt, and even dirty. By wearing their natural hair, black women can challenge these harmful stereotypes and reclaim their cultural identity.

Maybe you've tried to go natural and found that you didn't feel comfortable or you're struggling with the idea of wearing your natural hair. It's time to be comfortable with wearing your hair and gain the confidence to rock your crown and begin living your best life! 

In the book, "The Strength of Your Strands" author Joshica Kiah Craig shares her natural hair journey and how she went from being insecure to being confident and feeling free. She also shares how you can start your journey by learning to take up space and walk confidently with your natural hair. Get The Strength of Your Strands and go natural and start living your best life today! Find Out More.