Natural hair babies


Creating a healthy hair regimen for your baby can be difficult at first. It will take some time to develop a perfect natural hair regimen for them because they are so young and cannot use the same products that we do. Having healthy hair is a process and proper care and maintenance needs to be taken in order to reach that goal. Here a few things to consider when developing a regimen for your toddler:

Washing – A baby’s scalp and hair are sensitive because their skulls are soft and still developing. Even though it is soft you still want to keep the scalp clean since babies will roll around in anything which cause lint and dirt to go into the hair in order to keep the scalp clean you can use a mild sulfate-free shampoo. The shampoo keeps the hair and scalp clean without stripping the baby’s hair of its natural oils.

Detangling - Most babies hate this time because it hurts so you want to be as gentle as possible. Do as much finger detangling as possible and avoid using combs that will snag on their hair. With your fingers you are able to manoeuvre and remove any knots and tangles gently. Don’t forget to detangle on damp hair, or hair coated with conditioner and not dry hair.

Styling: Now mommies, we know you want to create some fabulous styles on your baby’s hair because of the cute ribbons, bubbles or clips you have.  Whatever path you choose to follow do not pull tight on their hairlines when braiding, pinning, cornrowing or combing it tightly. Loose twists or braids as a protective style are an option or even a wash and go by moisturising the hair and letting it be free. Mommies please resist the urge to style your baby’s hair everyday which will cause breakage and loss of moisture. Now is the perfect time to add regular trimming to babies natural hair routine to eliminate split ends and breakage. 

Moisturize:  Wearing cotton hats, sleeping on cotton sheets and pillows, playing in the park or around the house can cause babies hair to lose moisture quickly. In order to retain moisture, you can use the LOC method. For the liquid use water or a water-based leave in conditioner or moisturizer. Next, the oil can be extra virgin olive or coconut oil. Just be aware that some people are allergic to coconuts, so if you notice any irritation to your baby's skin, you can switch to a gentler oil like sunflower oil. Lastly, the cream that is perfect for sealing in the moisture is shea butter.   
Don’t forget to let the babies sleep with satin bonnets if it’s not too tight. If you find that they are uncomfortable with a bonnet then they can sleep on a satin pillowcase or sheet. This keeps the moisture in and prevents breakage.

You want to follow these tips in order to keep your babies’ hair healthy and flourishing.

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