The Power of Black Natural Hair


Black hair has always made a statement and because it's been at the center of politics and culture we've come to recognize the power of black hair. Loving your natural hair comes with its drawbacks and apart from learning how to style your hair you also have to have the right attitude in order to walk confidently with your big and bold hair. Here are tips on how to own your hair and take back your power. 

  1. Talk to a professional- Even though there may not be many natural hair salons in your area try to find a beautician who specializes in natural hair and can give you a hair consolation to provide you with feedback on your hair texture, type, and what treatments and services you might need.
  2. Ask a Friend-Even though it's a growing market, unfortunately, there may not be that many beauticians that specialize in natural hair, and with the natural hair bloggers and natural hair enthusiasts experimenting with their natural hair, they may know more about our natural hair texture than most cosmetologist. Ask a friend for advice and tips on how to maintain and talk about how you feel about your hair and how they feel about your hair. 
  3. Take inventory-  Write down 10 things you like about your hair and 10 things you don't like. This will help you to begin developing an honest and realistic idea of yourself.
  4. Set realistic expectations- It’s important to set small, reachable goals that are within your power. Setting an extremely high expectation or an expectation that someone else will change your behavior is virtually guaranteed to make you feel like a failure, through no fault of your own. Start small by adding a new product to your regimen or trying out a new natural style for a week just to get a feel for what your hair can do before you fully commit. 
  5. Stop being a perfectionist and acknowledge both your accomplishments and mistakes.- Nobody is perfect, and trying to be will only lead to disappointment. Acknowledging your accomplishments and recognizing your mistakes is the way to keep a positive outlook while learning and growing from your mistakes.
  6. Explore your hair.- The importance of knowing yourself and being at peace with who you are cannot be overstated. This can take some trial and error, and you will constantly learn new things about yourself, but it is a journey that should be undertaken with purpose and zeal. Try a wash-and-go style to see what type of curl pattern your hair has or learn to do a two-strand twist to see how well your hair holds. The great thing about our hair is there are so many different possibilities when it comes to hairstyles, so have fun.
  7. Be willing to adjust your self-image- We all change as we grow, and we must keep up with our ever-changing selves if we want to set and achieve meaningful goals. Wearing your natural hair takes courage and confidence and you have to be willing to stand out.  Learning to walk confidently and learning to be at peace with your self-image is one thing that you develop when learning to love your natural hair.
  8. Stop comparing yourself to others- Comparing ourselves to others is a trap that is extremely easy to fall into, especially today with social media and the ability to project a polished, perfected appearance. The only person you should compare yourself to is you -Grohol, 2011.

Henrik Edberg at offers a similar set of tips for improving your self-esteem:

  • Say “stop” to your inner critic
  • Use healthier motivation habits
  • Take a 2-minute self-appreciation break
  • Write down 3 things in the evening that you can appreciate about yourself
  • Do the right thing
  • Replace the perfectionism
  • Handle mistakes and failures in a more positive way
  • Be kinder towards other people
  • Try something new
  • Stop falling into the comparison trap
  • Spend more time with supportive people and less time with destructive people

Transitioning to natural can come with many life changes. It might change the way you feel about yourself and the way others view you but once you learn how to walk confidently in your own skin then you are ready to live your life as your best self.  Your natural hair is your superpower and it's time to live unapologetically. So get your shea butter and your pick comb, rock your natural hair and own it!