How to Reduce Your "product junkie" Habit

So, of course the term "product junkie" is a facetious way of describing natural hair women who buy an overwhelming amount of natural hair care products, and being a "product junkie" is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes it might be bad for your bank account. Wearing your natural hair out might be new for you and trying to find the perfect natural hair product might take some time and money but if you are looking for ways to reduce your spending yet still be able to try some of the new and amazing natural hair care products out there here are 9 easy ways to do it.

1. Get product samples- Most product samples are free and easy to find: you can get them for free from your local beauty supply store or at natural hair care events. Sometimes you might have to pay for product samples but you save money paying for a product sample versus buying a full size product.

2. Borrow from a friend- Some of your friends who are natural are probably on the hunt for the best natural hair product as well so ask to use some of their products before you buy your own.

3. Enter contest giveaways- Some people are skeptical about entering contests but there are companies out there that are willing to give you free product for you to try. Like; subscribe, follow , sign up and share contest giveaways, you never know you might be that lucky winner. 

4. Buy products on sale-  If you are dying to try a new product but the price is not right for you, wait to see if it goes on sale, bundle and save and clip those coupons that way you can save a few dollars on your purchase.

5. DIY- Create a hair mixture with a do-it-yourself project with natural oils that you find in your kitchen cabinet.

6. Look for product reviews- Check out product reviews on-line or ask a friend to find out what they thought. Good or bad; at least you can see what others liked and disliked about certain products and determine if that would be a benefit or a problem for you.

7. Set a budget-  If you are really curious and you want to purchase all of the natural hair products just to try everything for yourself at least once, set a budget on how much you will spend on products each month and stick to it. 

8. Know your hair type-  If you know you have type 4 hair, you might not want to invest in products that are for type 2 and 3 hair textures because the product might not work as well on your tresses. Type 2 and 3 hair is wavy and curly where as type 4 hair is a tight kinky-curl or coily.

9. Learn about product ingredients - Most oils have the same great benefits for your hair so you may not need five different products that are made to strengthen your hair and contain the same ingredients.  Also, if you learn more about the oils you are putting on your hair then you will know which oils moisturize and feels best on your hair. Light oils like maroccan and argan oils are great for thin, straight and wavy hair where as shea butter and castor oil are great for thick, tightly curled hair.

Natural hair care brands are popping up everywhere and trying to find the best products that work for your curls can be a challenge, but if you shop smart and take your time you will find what works for you, and if you are still on the hunt for the perfect natural hair product for your type 4 kinky-curly hair check out my Natural Hair Collection.

Happy Shopping!


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