How much money do you save by going natural?

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It's funny to me how no one seemed to complain about the money spent on salon visits, wigs and hair weaves but now that black women are going natural the debate has begun, but being natural is not expensive, it’s extremely affordable and healthier for your hair.  Even though there is a decline in relaxer sales black women still spend over a hundred million dollars a year according to a 2013 Mintel report. You might visit a salon for frequent chemical maintenance/ relaxers, hair extensions, trims, deep conditioners, hair cuts and color treatments every four to six weeks and can end up spending a small fortune, depending on the quality. So how much money do you save by going natural? Well let’s break it down:

Relaxers, Wigs and Weaves

If you spend an average of $60-$80 per salon visit for frequent chemical maintenance/ relaxers, this may include trims, deep conditioners and a style every four to six weeks that's an average of $720-$1,000 per year spent on salon visits. You might get braids, a wig or a weave like Beyonce that ranges from a total of $80 - $400 depending on the quality, but you haven’t even factored in the cost of installation and takedown which may range from $100-300 every three months. That will end up costing you 1,200- 2,400 a year.  

Natural Hair

Shampoos – A really great shampoo can cost up to $10. However if you want to buy an expensive sulfate-free shampoo for your natural hair that can cost up to $20. You can also create a DIY mixture with apple cider vinegar and water which is priced at $12 for the 32 ounce bottle that can last you about a year. 

Conditioners – Natural women spend more on conditioners than any other hair product because we need the slip to detangle and fully moisturize the hair strands. However, despite the amount money spent on conditioners you are still spending a lot less on your hair than you did when you were relaxed.  You can buy a cheap conditioner for $6 and even the expensive brands cost anywhere from $10-$30.

Stylers –When I say stylers I'm talking about products that give the hair hold so that you can define your curls or natural hair styles.  You might spend $12 on a hair gel or do a DIY flaxseed gel with flaxseeds for $7, which is healthier and lasts up to 3-4 months depending on the intensity of use. You can purchase a hair moose, setting lotion or foam to help style your natural hair all of which you can purchase for less than $10.

So let's add it up: shampoo, conditioners and holding products can cost you an average of $30 and let's say you purchase products every other month then you will end up spending a grand total of $100 per year on natural hair care products.  That is 72% less money spent on relaxers and it might cost you 12 times as much for hair weaves per year.

If you’re a "product junkie" then of course being natural might break the bank but let's just say you are a full on product junkie and you spend $30 a month on natural hair products you will still end up spending $360 in one year which is 50% less than what you would spend per year on relaxers and hair extensions. 

You might have been complaining that being natural is expensive but when you realize how much money you spent on relaxers and weaves for your hair, you’d never go back.  Just think of the money that you're saving overtime compared to the money you spent before you went natural, and if you are still looking for the perfect natural hair care product to invest in for your type 4 kinky-curly hair check out my Natural Hair Collection.  Also check out my Open Door Chat on YouTube where I talk more about saving money going natural. 

Happy Shopping!