Holiday Beauty Trends

What is considered to be attractive? What might be the hottest trends right now? Which particular style should I opt for? – The highly-anticipated holiday season is here and poses some imperative issues for those fashion-cognizant ladies out there. This year has been an exemplary mark for any individual or unique fashion sagacity. From numerous fashion weeks to red carpets, we have discerned some distinct trends regarding makeup and hair.

Here are some personalized recommendations:

Protective Style

Holidays are all about getting out of your comfort zone and living unfettered without a touch of concern. It’s high time to try something new and different from the usual. I'm not suggesting you have change your identity and accomplish something ludicrous. Yet, box braids or a simple goddess braid or braided up do will leave a unique flair to your state of mind. Lately, the boxed braids and Havana twists have been one of the sought-after looks and it certainly can give you a versatile and revitalizing appearance. Untidy buns, braids, ponytails




Dark Lips

Dark lips are perpetually glorious and exquisite for a good number of celebratory events. A bold and intense lip-shading can give you a transitory distinctiveness. Dull red, Ruby, Berry, Plum, Black, Velvet, Purple – scores of choices are accessible to coordinate your image.  Don’t forget to add a little lip gloss on the off chance that you don't fancy a matte finish. 


Eyeshadows made immense waves in numerous Fashion Weeks this fall. Try a customary dark smoky eyes or a more festive copper, red, silver, dusk, dark green, blue, or gem tone eyeshadow that shines and support your look in a surreal way. 

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Graphic Eyeliner

From bizarre strokes to abstract outlines, this season exhibited an extensive variety of eyeliner with kohl pencil or fluid liner. The graphic eyeliner emerged with a radical new dimension and character specific brush-stroke styles. In case you are feeling experimental, you can opt for the contemporary femme, similar to a cat-eye, where the eyeliner extends past the corner of the eye. Keep the graphic strokes to a minimum level if you plan to pair it with eye glitter.


Eye Glitters

Glittery eyes made an enormous rebound this year. Moreover, it graced the face from temple bones to all the way to cheekbones, jawlines, and ears. With that notion, it might be the high time to enrich your beauty with all those multi-colored or monochrome sequins this holiday season.


Include some warm blush and bronzer to highlight your cheeks and keep your look radiant and vivacious.


Clumpy lashes have been showing a terrific attractiveness despite the endless appearance of Long Lashes. You can use faux lashes or add some length to your own with a black lash extending mascara. 


Nail expressions and stilettos are still trending but a basic manicure with a dark berry color is always great for the holiday.

Minimal Make-up

The trendy no make-up movement is still dominating the fashion movement by far, so a single shade and bronzer can be blended through all over your cheeks, tops, and lips for a refined outlook. Then again, you might want to relate a bit more energy for a two-tone shadow – colorful shade on top and smoky black shade at the bottom can save you a lot of time and energy.

Happy Holidays!