10 reasons you might be a product junkie

natural hair product junkie

 Why searching for the right natural hair product might lend. You the title of natural hair "product junkie"

Learning to style and maintain our natural hair is fun and exciting but sometimes we can get carried away. Some natural's might complain that natural hair is expensive but you are actually saving money by going natural, unless of course you are a product junkie- meaning you are addicted to buying natural hair products. Here are 10 reasons you might be a product junkie:

1. You've purchased at least one of every new natural hair care product on the shelf. 

2. You have a separate storage box or a space in your closet dedicated towards your natural hair products and hair tools.

4. You have more than five different natural hair care brands in your cabinet. 

5. You can name up to twenty natural hair care brands. 

6. You find it hard to pass up a sale on natural hair care products.

7. You have become the natural hair guru-People come to you to find out what brands to use for different styles and hair types and to borrow products.

8. You have a YouTube channel were you post product reviews and hair tutorials.

9. You host your own giveaways on social media.

10. You are complaining that natural hair is expensive.

So, are you a "product junkie"? If you find that if in fact you are a "product junkie" and you want to find ways to reduce your habit and save money read the  9 ways to reduce spending and eliminate your "product junkie" habit and check out my Open Door Chat where I talk about some money saving tips for "product junkies".