Protective styles for natural hair

Natural hair is so diverse. You can switch up your hair every time by wearing it straight, curly or with a protective style. In addition, from these styles there are other sub-styles you can do to protect your hair.

So what are protective styles?
These are hair styles that keep your hair protected instead of it being it out. These styles can range from keeping your ends protected in a bun or just wearing different types of twists from marley/sevana/havanna or a wig. Once the synthetic hair covers your actual hair it keeps it from being damaged by rubbing on your clothes or the environmental factors such as wind, water, or humidity. Once your hair is protected you are able to retain more moisture because there is a reduction in moisture loss. As well as, length retention because the ends are protected which reduce breakage. Continue Reading...

Examples of Protective Styles
There are countless protective styles under these 4 broad groups: braids, wigs, updos or twists.

Wigs & Weaves
This can be a full lace front wig, wig with a leave out, half wig or even curly clip-ins.
Why not cover your hair from root to tip if you need a break from styling it? The natural hair underneath the wig is protected from the environment and humans

These are tight/loose plaits that hang loose from your scalp. Or, they can be a section of hair plaited together on your scalp with no room for movement.
Examples include Ghana, French, Fishtail, Box, Dutch, or Cornrows

They are: senegalese, kinky, crochet, Havanna, Marley or flat twists. These are two pieces/section of hair that are twisted until the end. They have freedom of movement and can be twisted unto the scalp just like braids. 

People do this style for special occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, date night, etc. It gives off an elegant look.

For example: Chignons, halo crowns, and many more

Purpose of protective styles
Naturals opt for protective styles during the fall/winter for many reasons.

Such as:
1) A break from styling and over manipulation their hair
2) Easier to manage hair especially for busy naturals. You can just install the style and it will take you 15 minutes to chill
3) Quick fix for a bad hair day, especially wigs. Just place it over your head and continue throughout the date.
4)Protects from environmental damage such as air, wing, humidity, etc.

The next time you want a different hairstyle you can try protective styles. They offer a new look while protecting your natural hair for length and moisture retention.

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