Natural Hair Myths

You may hear a lot of things about our natural hair but they may not all be true. Now that we are learning how to manage our natural hair we are finding out what's true and what's a myth. Here are some popular myths and the reason why they are simply not true.

Natural Hair Can't Grow Long

You might find that this is not true because lately, black women are coming out on social media with long type 4 hair. Your hair grows in cycles and it grows a 1/2 an inch every month. The key is to retain that length by not cutting or trimming your hair and low manipulation to prevent breakage.

Trimming Your Hair Will Make It Grow Faster

Women have seemed to take it upon themselves to trim their own hair and end up trimming more than needed. Also, trimming does not make your hair grow, your hair grows a 1/2 an inch every month and is not based on how frequently you trim. Acurally frequent trims take away your length. You should instead listen to your hair. Whenever your ends start to split or get little knots or when it becomes hard to detangle, then it may be time for a trim

Natural Hair Takes A Lot Of Work

Hair is hair, and whether it's straight or curly you are going to invest time into it. It actually doesn't take a lot of work depending on the style. If you simply wash it and wear a wash-n-go then you will find that your hair is easy to maintain. Also, investing time into your hair is not necessarily a bad thing especially if the results are a fabulous hairstyle.  If you haven't been styling your natural hair most of your life, it's going to take some time to learn how to manage it, so be patient with yourself and take your time. 

It's Not For Everyone

if you were born with naturally curly hair then it is for you. I used to say natural hair "wasn't for me" but I didn't realize that it was perfect for me. It highlights my cheekbones and it's bold just like me.

You Don't Have to Wash Natural Hair As Often

Natural afro hair is simply hair at the end of the day. Its needs to be washed just as much as anyone else. I know that we try to make our styles last weeks but if you wash your hair once or twice a month then your hair is only getting moisture 124 to 24 times out of 365 days

Natural Hair is Tough

Natural curly hair is actually very fragile and soft. It's simply tightly curled and just needs some moisture in order to make the curls pop and become more manageable. The best moisturizer is water, so all it needs is some water or a water-based leave-in and you'll be fine.

Natural Hair is Not Professional 

Your hair produces a natural oil called Sebum that helps to nourish your hair and scalp. It's a misconception to think that you need to add more oils to your scalp.

Natural Hair is Not Glamorous

Being glamorous is all about your style and how you carry yourself. If you are confident enough to wear your natural hair then that sassiness with come through whether you are dressed up or down.

Now that you have a better understanding of your natural hair and what is true and what's false you can better enjoy your natural hair journey and learn how to manage it.

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