Fall Natural Hair Care

F A L L is here! Say goodbye to summer and hello to the colder months, with extra-large clothing, heat turned up on the fireplaces and cold winds. In order to keep our hair healthy and moisturized during these cooler periods we have to switch up our regimen by using different products and doing different hairstyles. Our hair is prone to extra dryness during this period because of the cold air in the atmosphere so we have to keep it extra moisturized in order to prevent breakage and moisture loss so we can retain our length.

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Co-washing is when we cleanse our scalp with conditioner instead of shampoo. This allows for a clean scalp while retaining all of the natural oils on our scalp. During the fall you may want to switch from shampoo, that strip your hair and scalp completely of all it's moisture and oils for co-washing. Some naturals wash their hair less during this period because their oil production in their scalp is low during this period, so if it works for you do it.

Hot Oil Treatments

If you didn’t do them before you’ll be doing them now. These are done more frequently during this time because the oil helps the hair to lock in the moisture. You want to stray away from light oils like olive oil or grapeseed oil that are used during the warmer periods. Switching to the heavier oils or butter like castor oil and shea butter offers a much better sealant during the cold weather months. So, slather your hair with warm castor or shea butter, then place a plastic cap over your hair and leave it overnight or a few minutes before you wash your hair for soft moisturized hair. 

Deep conditioning with EXTRA heat

If you weren’t on point with your weekly deep conditioning routine then now you will be. It is crucial that keep up with your weekly treatments during this time if you want to sustain moisturized hair. Step up your deep conditioning game during this period because you really want to lift the cuticle layer for optimal moisture.  Sit under a hooded dryer, use a steamer or a thermal hot cap to really lift the cuticle layer and penetrate the hair shaft with its much needed moisture. Use products with heavy butters such as shea butter and heavy oils as mentioned before for great moisture.


During these times you can do protective or low manipulation styles. The low manipulation styles reduce the amount of time we need to touch up our hair which can cause excess breakage and moisture loss. For example, long-term mini twists are a great style to do during this time because your hands are out of your hair and the moisture is locked in the twists. Protective style allows us to retain the moisture, after moisturizing and sealing the hair, by keeping our ends tucked away from the harsh elements of the weather. We can do box braids, savanna or Marley twists, crochet braids and many more. Even wearing a satin lined hat or a hat that you sewed satin into the roof of is a protective style because your hair is being protected from the weather and thick fabrics thus retaining the moisture and preventing breakage. 

Just remember dry hair needs moisture and you can’t go wrong with shea butter so take a look at my shea hair butter and curl cream which works great for hot oil treatments and protective styles. I would love to know how your natural hair regimen changes during the fall. If you do any of the ways above and more, let me know.


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