Natural Hair Babies

Women everywhere are embracing their natural hair and are showing our young girls and boys that natural black hair is beautiful and we should love it and learn to take care of it. We are trading the hot combs and curlers for twist outs and braids.  My little boy Alexander was born with a full head of hair and my husband and I refuse to cut it. I've seen his hair change from soft and straight, to curly, to kinky-curly and thick and had to learn how to take care of it during each stage of growth.  Dealing with babies hair can be difficult but it's similar to your own natural hair routine, it's just very important that you start early so that your baby can have a full head of healthy growing hair. Taking care of your own hair is hard enough and when you have to manage your babies hair it can be challenging.  Here are some things you should know about taking care of natural hair babies. Continue Reading...

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