The natural hair world contains 99.9% females. However, there is the new trend of men entering the natural hair care world. Yes, our other halves, nephews, uncles and even fathers have started caring for their hair. Truly they have been inspired by us to bring their hair to an optimal healthy level. Also, we have been motivated to not only care for our daughter’s hair, but our son’s as well. Now that they’ve decided to take this new step, what products should they be using? You know using the correct products that contain nutritious ingredients will nourish your hair strands.

Here’s a list of Joshica Beauty’s products that you can use:

Activated Charcoal Soap Bar :- Cleansing your hair is very important. A cleansed scalp creates the environment needed for healthy hair growth. The soap bar is a gentle cleanser yet effective. It will remove the dirt, oil, and product build up thus allow your scalp to be properly exfoliated. The soap bar is made with all-natural ingredients such as charcoal, shea butter, sunflower and even coconut oil. These ingredients will not only cleanse the scalp but provide it with nutrients to nourish our scalp. These oils will aid in moisturising the scalp as well as promoting hair growth.  T

Moisture Mist Leave-In Conditioning Spray :- Water is the BEST moisturiser for our black hair. Hence, the males in your life needs this spray. The spray aids in moisturising all of your hair strands. As well as, it contains glycerine and aloe vera extract that is a natural moisturiser. Remember that black hair is naturally dry because the sebum cannot travel to the ends of our hair because of the coily nature of the strand. Hence, spritz your hair with the mist every day. It will aid in keeping their hair hydrated each and every day.

Shea Hair Butter With Coconut And Avocado Oil :- Everyone knows the glorious benefits of shea butter, coconut and avocado oil. Their hair will be thoroughly conditioning. In addition, it is a great moisturiser for type 4 hair curly and coily coarse textures. This can be a replacement for the LOC method because the butter contains everything. Not only is it a great moisturiser but the moisturiser stays locked in for a long time.

Curl Softening Cream With Rosemary Extract :- Last but not least, is the cream. The cream adds moisture to your hair to replenish your thirsty strands. As well as, it emphasizes the natural sheen of their hair. Also, it contains rosemary extract which aids in improving scalp health. Lastly, it gives soft hold. Thus, allowing your man’s hair to be curly without being stiff.


The same steps that you would use to care for your hair, is the same way you care for their hair. Hence, it’s not rocket science. Also, these are key products that you can use in their hair to bring it to an optimally healthy state. Healthy hair is the best type of hair they should have. 

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