Learning How to Love Your Natural Hair and Walking Confidently In Your Skin

Many times we follow stereotypes imposed for years or centuries and as black women we are obliged to recover our roots, to feel proud not only with our culture or history but also with our body and our hair. What we do not know by following these stereotypes is the damage we do to our skin and hair and likewise to our health, the question would be why NOT take it natural?


Women end up doing a thousand treatments to change the nature of their hair, so the healthiest thing is to learn to love it as it is, without intervening with things that end up damaging it.


What you should know about shampoo for greasy hair is that they usually have many chemical components that help reduce fat. But this over time dries it out and causes it to become straw-like, and dull. If you want to use a good shampoo, I recommend using natural brands, say for oily hair (I use one called Naturale). Also, to prevent it from looking as if you had not washed it, use a vinegar treatment and mint or basil leaves once a week, use this mixture on the scalp, impregnating it with a brush or cotton, let it act for 20 minutes with a towel wrapped around your head, and rinse it off, without shampoo. Don't be scared, it doesn't smell

Our hair is naturally dry, so keeping hydration is a task that will pay off in healthy, beautiful hair. When sleeping, cover your hair or pillow with a silky cover, which, unlike cotton, does not absorb the natural oils of the hair, avoiding morning frizz.


No sulfates, no shampoo

The sulfates contained in shampoos are those that, when producing the foam, leave the hair free of its natural and artificial oils, leaving it extremely dry. By using sulfate-free shampoos, we avoid this sensation; The problem is that many shampoos that are still sulfate-free leave our hair feeling dry, so there is today a movement that is gaining more and more adherents and it is the no-poo (no shampoo) regime. This consists of cleaning our hair with alternative products that do not dry out our strands. There are several options (co-wash, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda, among others), which I recommend since they thoroughly clean the hair and leave it manageable. The point is that this regimen must go hand in hand with NOT using silicones, Since these being of mineral origin (oil) it is possible to remove them only with the detergent products contained in shampoos. If you still decide to wash your hair with shampoo, choose those that are sulfate-free and contain moisturizing products.


Society still assumes that our hair and skin is ugly and inappropriate, so in many cases our self-esteem is affected, triggering a relationship of more hate than love with our hair. Combing it in fun ways, using accessories, bandanas, scarves, of various colors and sizes, we overturn that prejudice and make our natural-feminine look beautiful and counteract erroneous preconceptions, gaining followers of this way of wearing blackness with beautiful pride.

But if we love our skin we should

1 Drink water, the skin needs constant hydration and rid of toxins.


2 Include green juices in your daily diet, their vitamins help to stimulate collagen, oxygenate, and delay aging.


3 The use of sunscreen is essential to protect ourselves from UV rays not only on the face we must also use it on the whole body, now we get a large number of creams with SPF.


4 Daily cleaning and hydration routine, do not go to bed without giving it the nutrition that vitamin creams provide to your skin.


5 Exercise, sport stimulates blood circulation and therefore increases oxygenation, this leads the skin to regain color, shine, ton, and free itself of impurities.


Deep cleansing your skin, at least once a week, is a great way to show unconditional love.

We live in a time where stress and environmental aggressions affect our hair and  skin, causing damage and leading us to age prematurely.

But if you treat your skin with love and dedication through healthy routines you will achieve great results

This will raise your levels of self-esteem and pamper yourself (hair and your skin) with an appropriate treatment.

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