How to Seal in Moisture Using Shea Butter

Unfortunately, natural hair is dry.

It is not any fault of ours but due to the curly nature of our strands.
The scalp produces sebum which should be used to moisturize the hair.
However, the oil usually gets stuck on the scalp or at the roots of the hair strand.

So, we have to hydrate (and seal) our hair manually by ourselves.
Sealing is an important step because it ensures that we added to our hair will stay in there for the life of the hairstyle. Some days we may experience frizz due to a lack of hydration or moisturization techniques. So, you should ensure that the hydration is sealed into every hair strand.

And the best sealant in the world is Shea Butter.
Shea butter is the fat extracted from the African Shea Tree.
It is a complex fatty component whose key ingredient is “fatty acids”.
Examples of the acids that are present within the shea butter:- linoleic, palmitic, arachidi, oleic and stearic acid. All of which can penetrate the hair shaft to hold or secure in the moisture.


The best two ways to seal in moisture using shea butter is by:
1. The LOC Method
2. Utilizing Organic products made with Shea Butter.

The LOC method is a moisturization technique where we utilize Liquid, Oil and Cream (Shea Butter).
The liquid is used to hydrate our hair. Then, you follow up with an oil to trap the h20 molecules on the hair strand. And the final step is to apply shea butter to coat the shaft. The shea butter although is the last step is one of the most crucial ones to do.

Remember Shea Butter contains fatty acids so it can penetrate the hair shaft.
Once the shea butter is applied to coat the hair shaft, the fatty acids will get to work.
Also, the coating creates a protective layer so that no hydration can escape from the layers of the hair. As well, it keeps the hair shaft protected from any foreign organisms or tools that will cause more harm than good to your tresses.



Use organic products that are made with Shea Butters to improve the moisturization level of your hair strands.

Usually, when our hair is styled it should last for a set period. It may not necessarily due to to a lack of moisture, so we tend to have a lot of frizz due to lack of moisture. So, products such as moisturizers, leave-in conditioners, butter, rinse out and deep conditioners help reach the goal. They can all be successfully implemented in your natural hair regimen to improve the health of it. 

There are a lot of products on the market that are made with shea butter so ensure to use the 100% organic ones that will have water as the first ingredients. As well as, additional oils and alcohols needed to improve the health of your curls.

Sealing is an important step within our natural air care regimen.
It allows the moisture added at your last wash day to keep your curls hydrated until it reaches your last day. Your hydration may or may not last this long. However, utilizing the shea butter to lock in the hydration will keep your hair hydrated for as long as [possible.

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