18 Ways to Know if You're A PRODUCT JUNKIE

So there’s a title going around in the natural hair community via blogs, forums or just girl chit-chats and that is PRODUCT J U N K I E.

Definition: A product junkie is someone who loves to buy hair products for their hair especially when a new one comes out. Even though they may have another product for the same use.

A product junkie is known in the natural hair community as someone who is addicted to natural hair products. They are sometimes looked down upon but there are positives and negatives to bring a product junkie.

How does one identify themselves as a product junkie?

1) You have too many products for the same use such as conditioning, deep conditioning and shampooing in your product stash.

2) You purchase products on a consistent basis.

3) There are products everywhere in your bathroom, bedroom, closet and sometimes even kitchen.

4) You spend your downtime in the hair store or online checking out products.

5) You buy a product as soon as it comes out.

6) You have a product wish list.

7) you plan your pay based on the hair products.

8) A good portion of your salary is spent on hair products.

9) You buy new products without really knowing the use of it.

10) You always feel remorseful after you buy a product

11) When your friends call you out u sheepishly deny it

12) You’ve run out of space to store your hair products.

13) You own more than 10 kind of the same product.

14) You refuse to throw away one product because you may want to use it in the future

15) You’re on the email list for your favourite lines.

16) You watch hours of natural hair product reviews.

17) You wash your hair often just so you can test your products more often

18) Your snap chat is full of the new products you bought.

If you are guilty of a some, half or all of these then you are a product junkie.



Is being a product junkie a bad thing?

No, not always...Continue Reading... The Positives and Negatives of Being a Product Junkie

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