Dear Melanin Queens | New Vlog on YouTube!









Dear Melanin Queens:

A new video blog on YouTube where I talk about the real issues centered around Black women's hair and the Natural Hair Movement. I started Joshica Beauty in 2015 because I started to love my hair and find ways to care for it in order for it to grow healthy and strong, but I also found that I was healing the hurt that I felt when I was teased as a child and I was freeing myself from other peoples opinions and thoughts on how I should style my hair. I became confident in who I am and decided to live my best life; unapologetically me. It's that same self-love and confidence that I want other black women and girls to have and share with each other. It's time that we start empowering each other by being authentic to ourselves, starting our journey's to valuing who we are, being comfortable with our self image and learning to work what we have.

Follow me on YouTube @joshicabeaty as I tell the truth about hair while encouraging black women to rock their crown. 

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