Happy 1st Birthday to My Little Man!

For Alex,

My son, Alexander Michael has been my inspiration in so many ways. Ever since my pregnancy I have been focused on eating natural organic foods and using skin and hair care products that do not contain harmful chemicals and continued to do so after he was born. In the end, he was the inspiration behind the start of my business.

I decided to be a stay-at-home mom and because I am such and active person, that made me extremely restless, especially in the first few months, so I tried to figure out ways to make earn an income while I stayed at home with my brand new baby. First, I thought of selling some paintings that I did for fun, then I started selling my clothes on-line, I even thought of baby photography, so I went out and purchased a DSLR camera and started snapping pictures of Alex. Well, as you know, I eventually started to make and sell natural soaps and natural hair care products.

This was a real learning experience for me, however, because I realized that when you're not so busy with life and you have time to sit and think, then you eventually have time to create and do the things that make you great. I had so much time to have fun and experiment in order to hone in on the one thing that I was good at. If it wasn't for the birth of my baby I would not have been able to sit down, take a quick break from the hustle-and-bustle of life and start creating. Alexander has been an inspiration and my motivation and I can't believe how fast the time has gone by but he is now a year old. I will just have to continue to enjoy these moments.

I think we all have something to offer to the world but may not have the time, the resources, or the support to do it, but these are simple obstacles that we can overcome if we work hard enough to get it done. Everyone has the ability to crate and there is always something that makes them unique, so make sure you take a break from "life" once in a while  to enjoy what really matters and don't forget to find time to create.

Happy Birthday to my little man.


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