JOSHICA BEAUTY 1 year Anniversary!

A lot can happen in a year! And for JOSHICA BEAUTY it’s been steady growth. A little over a year ago I had a great idea and I used my creativity to start this company and decided to grow it organically. I had a rough launch in 2015 and had to learned a lot about managing a business the hard way, but despite all of that I am proud to say that I have made my products available for wholesale and not only is JOSHICA BEAUTY selling nationwide but worldwide to countries like Europe, Canada and Australia. 

In the coming year I will to continue to create amazing natural products and expand my presence online and on YouTube. In the last few weeks, I've launched new products and will continue to do so leading up to the holiday season. Make sure you sign up for my newsletters for updates. I also have plans in the works for market events. 

Thank you so much for being a loyal supporter and for being part of this amazing journey.

It's been a beautiful year!

— Joshica


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