How To Revive Your Curls- Natural Hair Care Tips

Throughout the year, your curls may become dry and limp; this could be caused by heat damage, product build-up or even the environment. You can usually tell the condition of your hair by the way your curls lay in a wash and go, twist out or even braid out. Your curls may not be poppin', defined or even shiny as usual, however, there are ways to revive them without cutting your beautiful mane.

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How to be an effective "lazy" natural: tips and tricks to save you time

We're well into the new year and some naturals have already given up on there natural hair goals. I understand not every natural hair gal is 100% on point on their regimen, you have one's who are extremely busy and you have the lazy ones who do little to nothing but still achieve great results. Now, I'm not saying you should skip deep conditioning, massaging or cleansing your scalp.

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Understanding your hair type

  Many naturals suffer from hair envy and with all of the beautiful textures and long lengths it's hard not to covet another woman's big beautiful head of curls but there is one thing that you must understand everyone's curls are not the same. The reason why your hair may not look like the girls in the Instagram post or the one in that YouTube hair tutorial may be because you have a different hair type.  Hair types range from straight to kinky-curly and have sub-classifications in-between to determine the volume, texture and other characteristics of hair. Here are the basics to understanding the different hair types. Read More The Hair Typing System was created by Oprah Winfrey's stylist, Andre...

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