Go Natural! Becky with the Good Hair

Hey, naturals!

The whole world has seen or heard about Beyonce's album Lemonade and the song where she references "Becky, with the good hair."  Naturally, after hearing this song, her Beehive went on a manhunt looking for the first woman with naturally straight or wavy hair. They went after every woman that Beyonce's husband Jay-Z has been seen with or has been reported to have been cheating with and even managed to attack some innocent bystanders (poor Racheal Ray). That's mainly because the term "good hair" is used to reference straight hair, wavy hair, or loosely curled hair textures. Every hair texture has been known to be "good hair" except kinky-curly and coily afro-textured hair which is the hair texture of most black women. Using the term "good hair" to only reference certain hair textures is extremely offensive because it implies that tightly curled and coiled hair textures are considered "bad hair". However, now that women everywhere are going natural, we are dispelling the use of "good hair" to only reference straight, wavy, and loosely curled hair because we are learning to maintain our natural hair and finding that our hair is "good" too.

Some women are scared of going natural because they don't know much about their hair and because of society’s view of black hair, but our natural hair is diversely beautiful and we are the new ‘Becky’s, with the good hair so here are some ways to get started. more

Most woman before going natural may be hesitant about doing- THE BIG CHOP! The Big Chop- cutting off all your relaxed or permed hair thus beginning your hair journey; growing and maintaining your natural hair by starting over with a TWATeeny-Weeny Afro. It may be scary at first and it will take some getting accustom to, however, women who have done the big chop have found it to be effortless, inexpensive and extremely exciting.  They love the ease of not having to worry about styling their hair everyday and the freedom they have to be themselves. They can literally wash their hair, use minimal product and be out the door in no time, also known as a wash-n-go. When you go natural it doesn’t take much time to style your hair in the early stages of your hair journey. However, if you don’t want to take that route you can transition into your natural hair journey. Transition- growing out your natural hair and still keeping the relaxed ends until you reach the desired length or a point where you are comfortable with cutting the relaxed ends off.  You can also wear protective styles during your transition such as braids and twists which allow your hair to grow with low manipulation.

Being natural is inexpensive. Ladies, when you realize how much money you spend on relaxers, products, and weaves for your hair, you’d never go back. Women spend millions of dollars a year on salon visits. You might visit a salon for frequent chemical maintenance, hair extensions, trims, deep conditioners, hair cuts, and color treatments every four to six weeks and can end up spending a small fortune, depending on the quality. Not to mention you can spend hours at the salon with so-called professionals who oftentimes don’t care for your hair like you would, leaving you with dry damaged hair and scalp. Some women find that natural hair care is expensive but it's probably because they have become a product junky, spending tons of money on the overwhelming amount of natural hair care products just to try them or to find what products work for them. You can easily become a product junky but not if you know what you are looking for and what products work for your hair type.  Some of the basic products and tools for natural hair care are; shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in moisturizer, quality oil, gel, a large tooth comb, a Denman brush, a satin cap, hair clips,  hair ties, and lots of bobby pins. All of these might cost you $100 per year which is less than a single visit to a salon. 

You will achieve stronger, longer, and healthier hair when you are natural. Your hair is in its natural state and is not being affected by harsh chemicals that fry your hair strands, burn your scalp and cause breakage and damage to the overall health of your hair.  You learn more about your hair, like hair porosity and hair growth. You may be stuck at one length with relaxed hair but many ladies who are natural have grown their hair beyond their relaxed length. When you’re natural you learn about the best products to use for your natural hair, products that don't contain toxic chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils that have been known to cause cancer or strip your hair of its natural oils leaving you with a dry flaky scalp and dry thirsty hair. With natural hair, you’ll be using water to moisturize your hair which is nature's best moisturizer. You'll also find that nature has other great ways for you to maintain your natural hair like bananas, avocados, and flaxseeds which are rich in potassium, Omega-3 fatty acids, and great for making deep conditioners. Coconut oil and honey are also nutrient-rich and wonderful moisturizers for your hair.  There are an array of oils, natural butters and extracts we continue to discover that are far more effective and safer than some store-bought brands. It's also really fun and exciting to become a kitchen skin stylist, making DIY hair recipes by mixing oils, butter, and other ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cabinet.

Lastly, NATURAL BEAUTY IS AMAZING! You’ll learn to love yourself for who you are and will be unapologetically who you were meant to be.  You’ll be grateful for learning to love your hair and find that others will learn to love it too. You can then encourage other women and young girls to love who they are and know that they are not limited to one definition of beauty. Go Naturalembrace your natural beauty and start being the woman that you were meant to be; Becky's not the only one with good hair. 


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