4 Ways to Love Your Natural Hair | How to love your curls

Loving your curls may seem easy, however, it can be hard for some naturals, especially newly naturals. Transitioning from your relaxed to natural hair may be a struggle because you are used to having straight hair. In addition, it is all you know. During the struggle, you have to remember to trust the process. Eventually you will start to love your natural curls but if it's taking too long to achieve, here are a few steps to take to speed up the process. 




4 ways to start loving your curls:

Research about your hair 

If you are a new natural then welcome to the natural hair community. It is imperative that you do some research, whether it's searching google or watching youtube videos to learn how to care for your mane. Search products that are great for moisture, length retention, growth, breakage prevention, and much more. The great part about the natural hair community is that, it's a community. There are a number of hair bloggers and women that can provide some help and encouragement along the way. You can learn different tips, tricks and techniques that are used in growing, and maintaining your natural hair. You can also learn from other naturals mistakes, but know that you are not alone in your hair journey and you can always look to other naturals for help. Research is one thing that will aid in you in finding ways to maintain and improve the overall health of your hair.

Stop comparing your curls to another natural’s curls 

Everybody’s hair is different. Our genetic makeup is different therefore your curls will not look the same as another. Even with twins, although they have the same parentage, can have a different hair. Knowing that, you shouldn’t compare. Ever heard the term, comparison is the thief of joy? Well, it is. If you are comparing you aren’t able to fully love your kinks, curls or tresses for the way they are. Embrace YOUR natural hair 

Embrace your curls 

Love your hair. Love the frizz out of it! Start wearing it more often. Embrace the uniqueness of your curls. Have fun with styling it. Be obsessed with it. Once you start loving your natural hair, the quality of it will improve. Your curl may not curl the way another natural’s hair curls or it might get too frizzy or a product may not work in your hair, but that’s YOUR hair. No one has your exact type, texture or porosity hair. Stop being ashamed to wear your amazing curls or textured fro in public or at work. Embrace the good, bad, mediocre and amazing hair days. You have to start loving yourself, especially your hair.

Free your mind and your hair will follow 

The natural hair movement started when black women started embracing their natural hair textures, thus beginning their natural hair journey. Therefore, a new generation of black women are coming into their own and redefining, once again, what it means to be black and beautiful. We are also inspiring girls and young women to be proud of their melanin glory and showing the world that we are proud of our blackness and we truly love ourselves despite what others have to say.  Rediscovering black beauty and the beauty of black your hair eliminates self hate, insecurities and negative stigmas about black hair, that is why when you realize that your hair is not a trend, it's apart of who you are, you can start to really love it more.

What steps do you take to love your natural curls? 

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