5 reasons why you should be using natural shampoo bars

Joshica beauty shampoo bars

Natural shampoo bars have been replacing store bought and factory manufactured shampoos lately. They are the recent trend in cleansers because of the benefits surrounding them. Most shampoo contain sulfates which is an abrassive sudzing agent often used in laundry detergents. Sulfates are deep cleansers so they are great for removing oil, dirt, and debri, however, they can be good for cleansing but bad for your health. Sulfates can remove the natural oils from your scalp, also called sebum, which is needed to nourish your hair growth. They also dry out your skin, leaving you with cracked, itchy skin, this is why natural soap and shampoo bars are the way to go.

Here are the benefits of natural soap bars:

1 – The Price – You might think that natural soap bars are expensive, however, considering the quality ingredients and the benefits they provide for your skin, they are reasonably priced. There are a range of quality soaps that may cost the same or less than then regular shampoos. Consider your shampoo bars as an investment in the future health of your hair and skin.

2 – They Last a Long- A little goes a long way. A shampoo bar may last you a couple of months or depending on how you use it a whole year! Yes, a whole year! If you focus on applying the shampoo bar to your scalp as opposed to the ends you're less likely to dry out your hair while also preserving your shampoo bar. But of course shampoo bars are so wonderful you will want to use it all over.

3 – It works  - When you run the shampoo bar it to wet hair and scalp it generates a silky natural sud. Y
ou are then able to massage the smooth soapy goodness into your scalp in order to cleanse. Massage into your scalp with your fingers or a massage brush.

4 – It is better for you hair and your health – Natural Shampoo bar are made with natural organic ingredients, therefore, it won't strip your hair of it's natural oils and dry out your stands. Some of the ingredients used are shea butter, botanicals, sealing, penetrating and moisturising oils. All of these ingredients are known to be moisturising, strengthening and gives your natural tresses a healthy sheen.

5 – Environmentally friendly – Because natural shampoo bars are made with 100% natural ingredients, oftentimes from ethically sourced suppliers it is better for the people who produce the materials as well as the environment. All the water from rinsing will not cause harm to the environment since they are not made with chemicals. So, you will be saving your hair and the earth.

As you can see adding a shampoo bar to your natural hair care regimen is a good thing. It will aid in bringing your hair to an optimally healthy state. The next time your shampoo bottle finishes, buy a shampoo bar. Natural Shampoo Bars that you can use are, Tea-tree Mint, Rosemary Peppermint, and Rosemary Lavendar Shampoo Bars all courtesy of Joshica Beauty.

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