Black Natural Hair: It's not a trend, it's a movement

March 06, 2017

Why the new generation of black women wearing their natural afro-textured hair is not a fad but an evolution toward self-love and empowerment.

The natural hair movement started when black women refused to chemically straighten their hair and started embracing their natural hair textures, thus beginning their natural hair journey. Some women have considered natural hair and natural hair styles to be a trend, however, black women learning to love their hair is about more than just hair, it's about empowering black women to love themselves. For years black women have hid their natural beauty behind hair weaves, hair extensions, chemical relaxers and straight hair styes.  Now a new generation of black women are coming into their own and redefining, once again, what it means to be black and beautiful.

For JOSHICA BEAUTY, it all started with the creator, Joshica Kiah, "going natural" or wearing her natural hair. That was when she realized natural ingredients work best on her natural hair texture. She then began to discover new oils and butters and created custom blends that were conducive to her kinky-curly hair texture. Once she finally had the courage to wear her natural hair she felt so empowered and free to be herself, because she had learned to really love and accept who she is, which gave her a new level of confidence. It was that feeling of acceptance and that new found confidence that she wanted other black women to experience and share. That was when she created products that women like her can use on their natural hair and encouraged women to "Go Natural".  

"Rediscovering black beauty and the beauty of afro hair eliminates self hate, insecurities and negative stigmas about black hair, that is why for me..."

it's not a trend; it's a movement. - Joshica

To learn more about Joshica, JOSHICA BEAUTY or to book an interview, contact Joshica at (323) 591- 9532 or email, or visit the website,

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