Have you heard of the new natural beauty brand JOSHICA BEAUTY? Natural Beauty by a Natural Woman

March 06, 2017

How Joshica Kiah, the creator of the trending beauty brand, JOSHICA BEAUTY, started making natural skin and hair care products after going au natural.

Joshica Kiah, the creator of JOSHICA BEAUTY is a wife, mother, and naturalista. She hails from Prince George's County, Maryland and moved to Los Angeles, California in 2010 were she met her husband, Dominique, and had their first son, Alexander, who both inspired the start of her natural hair journey.  JOSHICA BEAUTY got it's start in 2015 with her starting her natural hair journey or "going natural", which means, she stopped wearing hair weaves, wigs and using chemical straighteners, and began wearing her natural afro-textured hair. It seems a lot of black women have the same story of starting their natural hair journey which is why going natural has been deemed a movement. Going natural may seem like an insignificant matter to some people, but it's an awakening that many black women are experiencing.  Now that black women are embracing their natural afro-textured hair and wearing it proudly it incites a new found confidence and redefines what is considered beautiful. 


Another turning point for Joshica was during her pregnancy. She realized how important it was to use products that are free of harmful chemicals. She became aware of the harmful chemicals that exist in some of the food, water, hair and skin care. During her pregnancy she was surprised to find numerous amounts of products on the market for babies and adults, some of which are trusted household brands, that contained carcinogenic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates. Also, for her baby shower she made handmade soaps as "Thank You" gifts for her guests and her guests loved them. That was when she was reminded by members of her family that her great-grandmother made natural lye soap, which was some of the best soap her family has every used. She then decided to take a soap making class where she learned to make natural cold-press soap like her great-grandmother and continued making nourishing natural shampoo and body bars that she, her baby, and green beauty lovers everywhere can use.


Then, after the birth of her son she experienced post-pardom shedding and noticed the texture of her hair had changed. Her hair became extremely dry and was shedding profusely.  She quickly discarded all the hair care products that contained dangerous and abrasive chemicals and products that were not beneficial to her natural kinky-curly hair texture and began a natural hair routine. That was when she formulated natural hair products using natural butters, oils and botanicals in order to restore her thick curly texture and regrow her hair.  By using natural organic products she was able to grow her hair back, restore her hair's pH levels and improve the look, feel and the health of her hair.  


"New natural hair care brands are showing up everywhere and some natural hair care products are created by companies that don't really understand the problems and challenges that black women have when it comes to our hair. I make products that I use on my own hair and skin everyday, products that I know work great for natural type-4 hair textures and are made with all natural ingredients"  

All natural beauty by an all natural girl. - JOSHICA BEAUTY

To learn more about Joshica, JOSHICA BEAUTY or to book an interview, contact Joshica at (323) 591- 9532 or email, info@joshicabeauty.com or visit the website, www.joshicabeauty.com

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